Prime Edmonton Real Estate - If you're in the market for some retail therapy, Edmonton is the place to be! With a variety of shopping centres and districts to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice. To help you narrow it down, we've put together a guide on where to shop in Edmonton depending on what you're looking for. So whether you're after designer labels or unique local boutiques, read on to find out where to start your shopping spree!

Now I don't shop until I drop, but I can find a good deal when I need to. This is especially true when considering that I have 4 others to help dress throughout the year - including 3 kids who out grow their clothes before they wear them out! I also am a hardcore 'window shopper', someone who is constantly doing my research for the time and place where I do need to expand my wardrobe. With that in mind, here are some of the best places that I have found in and around the Edmonton area:

The West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in North America and has over 800 stores

Edmonton is home to the largest mall in all of North America: the West Edmonton Mall! This shopping and entertainment complex has been a major draw for Edmontonians and visitors ever since it opened its doors in 1981. With over 800 stores, the mall offers something for everyone - from clothing stores, restaurants, and movie theatres to themed attractions like Galaxyland. Its diverse entertainment options attract millions of visitors each year, making it a truly remarkable place.

The West Edmonton Mall is an iconic destination in the city of Edmonton, Canada. It was opened in 1981 and has since become a major tourist attraction, drawing millions of visitors each year. The mall spans over 48 hectares and houses more than 800 stores as well as numerous entertainment attractions such as Galaxyland, an indoor amusement park. Since its opening, it has been recognized for its innovative design and expansive size - at one point it held the title of being the largest shopping centre in North America! Its popularity continues to thrive today with locals and tourists alike flocking to this unique retail experience.

Southgate Centre is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike

Southgate Centre, located in the heart of Edmonton, is a beloved shopping destination for locals and visitors alike who seek out experience and convenience all in one place. Since renovations were completed in 2013, Southgate has grown even more popular with shoppers, boasting an easy layout and a wide variety of choices to suit anyone's tastes. With over 200 stores, restaurants, cafés and services available under one roof, Southgate provides something for everyone all year round. Whether you're seeking fashion trends or gifts for family and friends, Southgate Centre is sure to have something that will surely please your inner shopper!

If you're looking for high-end fashion and luxury goods, Southgate Mall is the place to go. Located in the heart of Edmonton, this popular shopping destination offers a variety of upscale shops that cater to those who want only the best. From designer labels like Gucci and Prada to exclusive jewellery stores such as Tiffany & Co., Southgate Mall has something for everyone seeking stylish sophistication. Whether it's an elegant evening gown or exquisite diamond jewellery, you'll find what you need at this chic mall! With its selection of top-tier retailers and services, Southgate is sure to make your shopping experience truly unforgettable.

Old Strathcona is home to many unique boutiques, cafes, and restaurants

Old Strathcona, a historic local neighbourhood in Edmonton, is known for its various local businesses like boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. One can find more than just the stand-by national chains here - the neighbourhood is home to some of the most unique local businesses in the city. From local clothing stores to specialty cafes and trendy eateries, Old Strathcona is an interesting destination for any local looking to support local business in Edmonton and experience something new.

Whyte Avenue is the perfect place to find vintage clothing, art, and antiques

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind vintage finds, then Whyte Avenue should be at the top of your shopping list. This quaint street is lined with unique stores that offer a wide selection of vintage clothes, art, and antiques. You'll find all sorts of special items from the 1950s to modern items from the 21st century. There's nothing quite like finding something original and special that no one else has. Plus, many shop owners are passionate about their stores and will even tell you stories about their finds or the history behind them! Whether you're in need of a special outfit for an upcoming event or are searching for a unique piece for your home, you can find it all on Whyte Avenue.

Manchester in Edmonton?

Manchester Square in Edmonton is an iconic shopping center that is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse selection of stores. Located near the downtown area in Queen Mary Park, it offers a variety of shops ranging from high-end boutiques to more affordable options. The mall itself spans across two levels with a wide range of stores, restaurants, and services. It also serves as a hub for local entertainment and cultural events such as music concerts, art exhibitions, and festivals.

Manchester Square is particularly well known for its unique mix of independent stores, offering visitors the chance to explore items they won’t find anywhere else. Here shoppers can find locally sourced products such as handmade jewelry, pottery and textiles crafted by local artisans. Additionally, visitors can browse through boutique clothing stores or enjoy a bite to eat at one of the many eateries dotting the space.

The Manchester Square has been an important part of Edmonton's history since it first opened in 2022. It has become an integral part of both Edmonton's Instagrammable spots and retail landscape and continues to attract tourists from far and wide seeking unique experiences year round. Boasting several landmarks such as the famous clock tower located in the center court area, Manchester Square serves as a true symbol of Edmonton’s culture and history while still providing locals with all their shopping needs.

Downtown Edmonton has high-end retailers as well as department stores like Hudson's Bay

Downtown Edmonton is an amazing shopping destination for everyone. There are a variety of high-end retailers that offer designer brands and unique products. For those who prefer less expensive options, the iconic department store Hudson's Bay is perfect. In addition to great sales, you can explore the history of this stunning building which stands as a symbol of Edmonton's rich heritage. The best part is you can find everything you need without having to move around too much; Downtown Edmonton offers convenience in addition to great shopping!

If you're looking for bargains, check out one of the city's outlet malls

If you're looking for great deals and discounts, the outlet malls located in the city are perfect. They offer all kinds of top-brand fashion and accessories, appliances and electronics, as well as plenty of home goods. Plus, the prices are unbeatable! Not only can you find accessories to complete any wardrobe at a discount, but you can also stock up on small household items such as coffee makers or vacuum cleaners for less than half their usual cost. So if you have an eye for deals that won't break your bank account, head to one of these malls - chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

The Edmonton Airport Outlet Mall is the perfect place for savvy shoppers looking to save. Located in the same area as the airport, this outlet mall offers an array of designer labels at discounted prices. Visitors can browse a wide selection of clothing from well-known brands such as Nike and Adidas, accessories like jewellery and sunglasses, shoes, toys and home decor. With its wide selection of items from top designers and brands, shoppers can find unique pieces that won't break the bank. In addition to discounts on products, the mall also hosts seasonal sales events with special offers such as additional discounts on already reduced items. If you need a last minute gift or want to pick up something special for yourself without spending too much money, then head to the Edmonton Airport Outlet Mall and discover true savings!

No matter what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it in Edmonton. With over 800 stores, the West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in North America and a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Southgate Centre is another great option, especially if you're looking for unique boutiques and cafes. If you're interested in vintage clothing, art, or antiques, make sure to check out Whyte Avenue. For high-end retailers and department stores, head downtown. And finally, if you want to find some great deals, visit one of Edmonton's many outlet malls. So whether you're shopping for yourself or others this holiday season, start your search in Edmonton!


Prime Edmonton Real Estate - If you're considering Edmonton as your new home, there are a few things you'll want to take into account before making the final decision. In this blog post, we'll explore what factors you should consider when choosing a home for your family in Edmonton. We'll also provide some helpful tips and resources to get you started on your journey. So whether you're looking for your first family home or Ready to move up to something bigger, this blog post will help guide your way. Let's get started!

As a married father of 5, I definitely know the importance of having a place for my family and I to call our own - to rest, relax, connect with my kids, and to feel safe. Socializing is still important, but most often it is in the form of kid 'play dates' where the adults attached to the kids also come for a visit. Parents also need their space within the family home as well, which is something that is often (and mistakenly) overlooked. And if you have pets, making sure the house and yard space can accommodate them is also a major factor.

When choosing a family home, there are many factors to consider. The most important is finding a house that fits your needs and budget. You'll want to make sure the home has enough space for everyone in your family as well as any pets or hobbies you might have. Additionally, it's important to look at the neighborhood and surrounding areas to ensure they provide everything you need such as schools, grocery stores, parks, etc. Finally, safety should be top of mind when selecting a new home; research crime rates in the area and take into account any other potential risks when making your decision. With these factors in mind, you can select the perfect family home for you!

Location - consider the neighbourhood, commute, schools, and parks

When it comes to location, there are so many factors to consider! Where is the neighbourhood, how is the commute, what are the schooling options, and do parks nearby exist? These are all valid questions. If you drive to work and are looking for a well-connected area with ample parking spots, then having easy access to highways and major roads may be top priority for an ideal location choice. In terms of education, being close to primary schools or higher-education institutions is certainly an attractive feature. Finally, parks are great community hubs - having one that provides outdoor spaces for people of all ages can be a huge bonus. Ultimately, the perfect location should tick all of these boxes and provide a sense of home.

Good schools in your area can be a major factor when choosing the perfect family home. Quality education is essential for children, and having access to quality schools will ensure that they get the best education possible. Good schools provide resources such as libraries, technology labs, and extracurricular activities which can help foster learning and growth in students. In addition, good schools often have strong parent-teacher relationships which are important for creating an environment of trust between parents and teachers. Furthermore, good schools also promote community values such as respect and responsibility which helps students develop into well-rounded individuals. Therefore, it's important to consider school ratings before making your final decision on where to live with your family!

Size - think about how much space you need now and in the future

Edmonton is an ever-growing city, and as its population increases so too does the size and complexity of Edmonton homes. When thinking about which Edmonton home to buy or rent, it's important to take into consideration both current and future needs regarding size and space. Not only should prospective buyers look for a home big enough for their present family, but they should also have foresight when deciding on square footage. Whether large or small, Edmonton homes come in many shapes and sizes; if preparing for the future, make sure to select a property that allows for expansion if needed.

When selecting a family home, it's important to think about the future and how your needs may change. If you have children or are planning on having them in the near future, then it's essential to plan for their growth and development when choosing a home. Having enough space for everyone is key; this means thinking ahead and considering what size house you'll need once your kids get older. Not only should there be room for each child but also areas where they can study, play, entertain friends, etc. Furthermore, additional bedrooms may be necessary if more than one child will eventually occupy the same room or if they require separate spaces as they grow up. Planning ahead by choosing an appropriately sized property now will save time and money down the line so that when those inevitable transitions come around you won’t have to scramble to find something new!

Budget - be realistic about what you can afford

Edmonton real estate can be pricey, and it’s important that you stay realistic about the budget you have in mind. It’s easy to get carried away when touring a beautiful home or dreaming about all the features a property could offer, and this is why it is important to remember your maximum budget for Edmonton real estate. Doing some research beforehand on what Edmonton homes are currently listed for, and budgeting accordingly will go a long way in helping you find the home of your dreams without overspending or regretting future decisions.

It's important to remember not to overextend yourself when it comes to purchasing a home. Being “house poor” - that is, spending too much money on your house and having little left over for other expenses - can be a serious financial burden. Not only can it leave you unable to cover the cost of daily living expenses, but it also means that any unexpected costs or emergencies may put you in difficult positions financially. As such, it is essential that potential buyers plan ahead and budget realistically when choosing their perfect family home in Edmonton. This will ensure they have enough funds left over after mortgage payments and property taxes are taken care of - so they don't find themselves struggling with an unsustainable level of debt down the line.

Style - pick a home that reflects your personal taste

With so many home design styles out there, it can be difficult to pick one that best reflects your personal taste. However, selecting a home with the style that truly speaks to you provides an opportunity to make a house a home and truly express yourself. Choosing a home with the right style helps reflect your unique personality and expresses your ideals through the visual environment you live in. Whether it’s a cozy cottage or an ultra-modern home, finding something special that resonates with you is key to transforming your house into a home.

When it comes to selecting a home, there are many different design styles available to choose from. Whether you prefer the traditional look of an older home or something more modern and contemporary, there is sure to be a style out there for everyone. From cozy cottages with rustic charm to ultra-modern homes with sleek lines and minimalist features, Edmonton has a wide variety of unique home designs that can fit any taste or lifestyle. With so many options available, prospective buyers are sure to find something special that speaks to their individual personalities and expresses their ideals through the visual environment they live in.

Extras - look for features like a garage or a backyard

If you're looking for a place to call home, be sure to consider extras like a garage or backyard. These can add considerable value and convenience to your living situation. A garage may give you the extra space you need for storing bulky items, partaking in DIY projects, or just having a workshop of your own. Likewise, a backyard offers an ideal area for relaxing or having friends and family over during nicer weather. So if you're searching for the perfect fit when it comes to potential homes, be sure to keep these additional features in mind!

When it comes to choosing a backyard for your children and pets, there are a few things to consider. First, is the size of the backyard, as it needs to be big enough for kids to play in, and also comfortable enough for pets to roam. If possible, look for a fully fenced-in yard that offers a safe and secure area for them to explore. Secondly, think about landscaping features such as trees or gardens that can provide pleasant places for kids and animals alike. You may want to create dedicated play areas or even add seating areas so you can relax while keeping an eye on the little ones. Additionally, think about how much sun your backyard receives as this will determine whether you need to invest in providing shade or shade sails so everyone stays comfortable during hotter days. Finally, if possible choose yards with soft ground coverings like grass or mulch instead of hard surfaces such as concrete which can be uncomfortable and dangerous for kids and pets alike. With these factors in mind, you should have no problem finding the perfect backyard for both your children and pets!

Location, size, budget, style, and extras are all important factors to consider when shopping for a home. It's important to find a balance between what you need and what you want in order to find the perfect home for you and your family. If you're looking for help finding a home in Edmonton, our team of experts would be more than happy to assist you. We know the ins and outs of the city and can help you find a home that meets all of your criteria. Contact us today to get started!


Prime Edmonton Real Estate - If you're looking to buy a home in Edmonton, you may be wondering what your options are under $400,000. Here's a look at some of the homes you can purchase in this price range in Edmonton! For a single-family detached home, you can find 3 - 4 bedroom homes with around 1,000 - 1,500 square feet of living space. You'll also be able to find some older homes in the downtown and surrounding areas. For townhomes and condos, you can easily purchase 2+ bedrooms with 800 - 1,100 square feet of extremely high end living space and finishes. Additionally, if you're looking for something a little more unique or luxurious you can still find great options under $400,000. In this price range, you could purchase a luxury condo with modern features such as stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Or maybe even an executive townhome complete with an attached garage!

Depending on what your preferences are, you will be able to buy something in pretty much any neighborhood in Edmonton, with the exception of some estate home based neighborhoods.

Here are some things to consider when buying a home in Edmonton under $400000:

Look for a fixer-upper in a desirable neighbourhood

Edmonton is the perfect city to hunt for a fixer-upper in a desirable neighbourhood! With its wide range of neighbourhoods, Edmonton has something desirable for everyone. From buying an older home with potential to customize it to your liking, you can find something that suits your taste and need. Edmonton also has rising real estate prices, so you will be investing your money in something that will continue to go up in value. Whether you desire accommodation on the same floor or across multiple, Edmonton's options are sure to provide what you're looking for in a fixer-upper. Now is the time to get started hunting - Edmonton is ready when you are!

When it comes to buying a home in Edmonton, you may be considering a fixer-upper or a knockdown. Both options have their pros and cons, so let's take a look at the difference between them. A fixer upper is an existing property that needs some work done to make it livable and desirable. This could include cosmetic updates such as painting walls or updating fixtures, as well as more substantial renovations like replacing flooring or installing new appliances. On the other hand, a knockdown home involves demolishing an existing structure and building something entirely new from scratch on its foundation. While this can be costlier than buying a fixer-upper, there are many advantages to taking this approach including customizing the layout of your home exactly how you want it and having everything brand new! Ultimately, both options depend on your budget and preferences when it comes to finding the perfect place for you in Edmonton!

Research recent sales in the area to get an idea of what your money can buy

Working with a Realtor to research recent sales in your area can be a powerful tool when deciding how best to invest your money. With access to current market trends, Realtors can help you understand the potential return on investment and suggest properties that offer the best value. In addition, they can provide insight into whether now is the right time to buy or if waiting until the market corrects itself further might help yield better results. Researching the area's recent sales is an important step to make sure that your money buys exactly what you need. This will take out more of the stress from the transaction, because you know what has been out in the market and whether or not it is a good financial decision or not.

When researching an area for a potential home purchase, there are several important factors to consider. It is important to look at the location in relation to work and amenities such as schools, shopping and entertainment options. Home buyers should also research the neighbourhood's crime rate, access to public transit and average house prices. Additionally, it is wise to investigate any upcoming developments that could affect property values in the future. Finally, researching recent sales in the area can provide insight into what your money can buy - helping you make an informed decision on where best to invest your hard-earned cash!

Find a real estate agent who is familiar with the market and can help you find the right home

Edmonton is a great place to live and finding the right home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. That's why it's important to find a real estate agent who knows Edmonton and its real estate market. Your agent should be experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy when helping you navigate Edmonton's real estate scene. They'll be happy to answer all your questions about Edmonton neighbourhoods and the different kinds of homes available - from condominiums to townhouses - so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle!Finding the right Realtor for your home search is essential to ensure that you make a sound investment.

A good real estate agent will be familiar with the local market and have knowledge of current trends in order to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. They should also be experienced enough to answer all your questions and provide insight into potential return on investment, as well as any upcoming developments that could affect property values in the future. When looking for a real estate agent, it’s important to take some time to research their background, read reviews from past clients and get referrals from friends or family before making a decision. With an experienced Realtor by your side, you can feel confident that you’re getting both quality service and value when investing in Edmonton’s real estate market!

Be prepared to put in some work yourself to save money on renovations

Renovating your home can be a daunting task. HGTV shows have made it look simpler than it is, however, investing the time and effort yourself to save money on renovations is a sound decision. With careful planning and research you can find the right supplies and materials for your project at prices that are within budget. Not only that but many tasks can be completed over the weekend with minimal tools and DIY tips, giving you the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labor quickly. In addition, with more planning involved you can ensure that you are making quality decisions with regards to supplies and not compromising on quality just to save money in the short term. All in all, putting some work into saving money on renovations will pay off in unexpected ways.

I have personally gone the 'buy low and reno' plan, and have had success from both an aesthetic and financial level. Deciding which renovations to do and not to do can be a tricky process. On one hand, you want to improve your home’s look and value, but on the other hand, you don’t want to overspend or make decisions that will cost more in the long run. It is important to create a plan for your renovation project that includes both short-term goals and long-term objectives as well as an estimate of how much money it will take to complete. Additionally, researching materials and supplies ahead of time can help ensure that you get quality products at reasonable prices. With careful planning and research, you can find the right balance between improving your home's aesthetic appeal while still staying within budget.

Have a realistic budget and be willing to compromise on features or size

When it comes to making a budget for buying a new home, it's important to take realistic factors into account. Although having an ideal property you'd love to own might be tempting, it's still crucial to establish the parameters of the investment. Consider income and expenses carefully and be willing to let go of some features or size if needed. Compromising is part of the process, however, creating a realistic budget from the beginning will help save time in searching for the perfect home that fits your needs and income. Smart decision-making starts with setting up a smart budget - do your homework now and you'll be rewarded when you find the right house.

It's important to remember that a home is more than just an investment, it’s where you will live and make memories. That’s why it's essential to avoid becoming house poor when buying a new home. House poor is the term used for people who spend too much of their income on housing costs such as mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance fees. This can lead to financial instability and stress down the line as they are unable to afford other necessities or save money for future expenses. To prevent this from happening, buyers should have a realistic budget in mind before searching for properties so that they don't end up overspending or compromising on features or size. With careful planning and research, buyers can find the right balance between finding an affordable property while still making sure their needs are met.

Be patient - it may take some time to find the perfect home, but it will be worth it in the end!

Edmonton real estate can be daunting to research and hunt through, but with a large and varied selection of homes, you are sure to find the right one for you! Taking your time to look at all the options is key; this means that you might not discover the perfect Edmonton home straightaway, so don’t be discouraged if that is your initial experience— have confidence in yourself, and patience will prevail! With a little bit of time you will find a home that best suits your needs and wants, making it worth the wait for such an important decision. The reality is that there will be plenty of options for those who are patient.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to finding your dream fixer-upper. Just remember that patience is key - the perfect home for you is out there, it might just take some time and effort to find it. If you're ready to start your search, or have any questions about the process, contact Jerad Cox today. He would be happy to help you!


Prime Edmonton Real Estate - If you live in BC or Ontario, there are plenty of reasons to consider moving to Edmonton. Here are 10 reasons why you should make the move:

1. The cost of living is much lower than in other parts of the country.

2. You can enjoy all four seasons here – and each one is beautiful.

3. There are so many great things to do, both inside and outside the city.

4. The food scene is amazing, with something for everyone.

5. It’s a friendly and welcoming city that makes newcomers feel at home.

6. You can get around easily without a car – public transit is great here!

7. The job market is strong and there are plenty of opportunities for growth.

8..The housing market is affordable, whether you’re looking to buy or rent.

9.It’s safe here – you can walk around at night without worrying about your safety.

10. Edmontonians are just plain nice people! And that makes this city an even better place to live.

The cost of living is much lower than in other parts of the country.

Moving to the midwest has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Not only is the cost of living substantially lower than other parts of the country, but the quality of life has definitely improved significantly. From affordable housing and utilities to all types of supermarkets, I'm very grateful that I can still enjoy all of the things that city-dwellers can, as well as have some acreage and access to parks and wildlife. There's something special about a kind and welcoming community – one that gives you plenty of opportunities while being economical at the same time!

You can enjoy all four seasons here – and each one is beautiful.

One of the best things about living here is being able to experience all four seasons throughout the year. Each season offers a unique and special experience; in the spring, flowers bloom as warm weather eventually melts away winter’s chill. In the summer, beach days can be spent soaking up the sun or playing in the waves; in autumn, bright colors hint of coming colder weather and cooler temperatures provide for perfect afternoons to spend with friends. And finally, winter brings snow action - skiing, sledding, snowshoeing – followed by cozy evenings at home with friends or loved ones. No matter what time of year it is here, you’re guaranteed to have something beautiful!

There are so many great things to do, both inside and outside the city.

If you're considering a place to live, why not somewhere that has something for everyone? There are so many great things to do inside and outside the city, making it an ideal place to call home. Whether you want take a stroll in a park or explore some of your favorite shops and restaurants downtown, there's something out there for you. From sporting events for the sports enthusiast to theater programs for those who appreciate the arts, the city has something for everyone - no matter how diverse their interests may be. Plus, with its convenient transportation systems, getting around is easy, so whether you feel like staying in or venturing out exploring new places – going far or near – it's all within reach!

The food scene is amazing, with something for everyone.

Edmonton is the perfect culinary destination, with something to suit every palate! From cozy cafes to hip new eateries, the city boasts diverse flavors from around the world. Here, you can find unique dishes from various cultures as well as classic comfort foods. It is no surprise then that locals and visitors alike flock to Edmonton for its vibrant food scene. From simple street eats to creative gastronomic experiences, this city definitely has something for everyone!

It’s a friendly and welcoming city that makes newcomers feel at home.

If you're the type of person who loves people and wants to be a part of a close-knit community, then look no further than this friendly and welcoming city. When you move here, you immediately become a part of something new and exciting. Everyone is really open and kind, and will always greet newcomers with a warm embrace. It's an open city that encourages diversity in its culture, as well as its acceptance for everyone it meets. Whether you've just arrived or have been here for years, this city makes sure you'll never feel like an outsider.

You can get around easily without a car – public transit is great here!

If you're looking for a new home in Edmonton and don't yet have a car, you won't have to worry. Our expansive city has an impressive transit system that is sure to get you around with ease. From convenient bus routes to light rail options--traveling the city without the pressure of having parking availability has never been easier seeking out prime Edmonton real estate. It's convenient and comfortable, making it the perfect way to sit back and take in all the cultural experiences this amazing city has to offer!

The job market is strong and there are plenty of opportunities for growth.

In today's job market, there are countless opportunities out there for ambitious individuals to take advantage of. This is the perfect time to make a career transition if you're looking to explore a new industry or role, as employers are creatng more jobs than ever before. Whether you decide to stay in the same field or try something entirely different, the current job market provides an opportunity for positive growth and improved earning potential. With plenty of options available, it's an excellent time to jump into the job search process and land a role that will help you reach your career goals.

The housing market is affordable, whether you’re looking to buy or rent..

With the current housing market, there's never been a better time to take advantage of amazing deals. From renting to buying, homes are more affordable than ever before. Investing in a home isn't just about securing a roof over your head - it's about building an empire and creating something special to pass on for generations to come. Whatever your housing goals may be, don't wait around too much - now is the optimal time to make your move while prices are still low.

It’s safe here – you can walk around at night without worrying about your safety..

For those looking for a place to lay down roots and start the life they have always dreamed of, it’s safe here. You don’t need to worry about your safety while you are out enjoying the nightlife or a leisurely stroll; you will not have to be concerned with anything apart from all the interesting things that this wonderful area has to offer. You can explore all the great sites, delicious restaurants and vibrant music without fear of being in danger. Here, you will be able to establish yourself and become part of a diverse community setting that provides an abundance of opportunities and security for its residents.

Edmontonians are just plain nice people! And that makes this city an even better place to live..

In the heart of western Canada lies an incredible city - Edmonton! Home to over a million people and the proud capital of Alberta, this vibrant city serves as a beacon of hospitality thanks to some absolutely spectacular folks. From firefighters to seniors, teachers to business owners – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing Edmontonians who just ooze niceness (the real kind). They're respectful, gracious and showered with kindness that they can't wait to share. It’s no surprise then that this city has become even better place to live – and everyone has these great Edmontonians to thank for it!

If any (or all!) of these reasons resonate with you, then Edmonton just might be the place for you.. What are you waiting for? Come check us out!In order not to seem biased against Vancouverites or Torontonians I will say that these cities have their own unique quirks which I love as well but sometimes it's just time for a change of scenery ya know? So if any of these points interest/relate to you then keep on reading! Hopefully by the end of this post you will be convinced that Oilers fans aren't the only good thing about Alberta's capital and that Edmonton has something special that everyone can enjoy!

There are many great reasons to move to Edmonton – from the low cost of living and beautiful seasons, to the delicious food and welcoming people. It’s also a safe and easy city to get around without a car. If you’re thinking about making a move, be sure to do your own research so you can discover even more great things about this wonderful city!

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